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Highway Driving


The mission of All-Metro Driving School is to teach our students safe driving skills while operating a motor vehicle according to state law. Students will develop the correct attitudes toward traffic safety. They will know how to choose actions that will assure safety to themselves and others on the roadway.

We believe an effective training program is to capture the attention of the student and motivate them to practice what they have learned. The young driver will develop strong driving skills with a positive attitude which is paramount to becoming a responsible driver.

Owner/operator is the Vice President of

Nebraska Driver Safety Education Association (NDSEA). 

All-Metro Driving School Staff are members of:

  • Nebraska Department of Education

  • Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

  • DSAA (Driving Schools of America Association)

  • Nebraska Driver and Safety Education Association


Automobile Insurance Company Approved

  • Insurance Discount Certificate (10-15%)

City Driving
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